Winter and the 4 F's

The roller coaster continues. This is our second spell of single digit temperatures this winter season. It has been wet with over 7" of rain in January and fairly mild temps but these deep freezes remind us that is is truly winter. We continued our light and air enhancement of the third green. The unexpected bonus of this tree removal was the improved sight lines to the fourth hole. The stunted cherry on the edge of this tree cluster was saved, for now, and should make a nice specimen tree in the area.

3 green corner thinned out

nice view of 4
This should really help get some much needed morning sun onto the 3rd green. It will also allow for errant shots to the left be found and played easier which will speed up play.

These roller coaster temps with rain have created some issues when it comes to the ability to stay on the greens. When they are completely frozen damage is not an issue. Nor is it a big deal if they are firm when not frozen. It is when there is frost in the ground and the temps get above freezing the surface can become mushy with the ground underneath frozen. A simple way to think about when the greens are playable is the 4 F's: Frost Free or Fully Frozen. It may not be a perfect axiom but it is close.
Foot prints in soft wet greens while frozen underneath

Here is a deep dive from the USGA on the principles of winter play: USGA winter play article

ice puddle on the road

Great sunset the other night

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