Well Spring has officially begun. You would not know it by the snow on the ground, temperatures and another Nor'easter bearing down on us. I documented a few more trees that have been damaged in the storms. Some work is getting done whether cleaning the course again or spreading the marsh spoils on the outside corner of number 2. I have decided to plant that area to pollinator habitat. It was full of scrub oak, invasive Russian olive and poison ivy. I think adding to the habitat for bees and butterflies will be a great thing and blend with our environmental approach.

More tree damage

Marsh spoils spread out on #2

Last storm had blowing wet snow

Number 3 Nor’easter

A lot has happened since my last posts. I went away to the NERTF.org conference and show in Providence. During those 4 days we had another Nor'easter. That middle one was simply 1.27" of rain and 50 mph winds. Just another day. Now the 3rd storm was another story. In case you have not been following NE weather that was a not a typo. 3 Nor'easters in 12 days. #3 had bigger winds and lots of heavy wet snow with a wet start of .9" of rain. Power loss, more trees, a real storm for sure. The course appears to be OK without any major tree damage that I could see from my quick walk and drive around. the roads suffered a bit harder with trees down all over the place. The snow will not hurt the grass but it will slow down the cleaning of the course from all these storms. I am hearing rumors of a possible storm next week. This is not a fun pattern. Guessing we had 6-8 inches of snow. Hard to tell since it was blowing around so much.

What a difference a day makes. 1st hole 24 hrs apart

Roads. Snow stuck to everything

Course. Heavy wet snow

Forecasts from Twitter

Storm update

The pictures and videos cannot do the damage justice. I had checked the beach area and roads looking for damage anywhere. Many landowners had substantial damage but it appeared the course was spared. That is how it looked at least from the roads and driveways. When I finally toured the course it was another story. Certain areas were devastated. Luckily it was not on any major playing surface.