Beach-MMLO and misc PONDS etc update Jan. 2015

We caught a rare time on our ponds this January. A weekend of just thick enough ice to skate on and perfect ice conditions. A few people came on Friday afternoon to scope it out. I drilled a few holes on Saturday morning and measured around 3" Later in the day a family was out skating on the small side and a guy was on a board with skate blades attached to a windsurfing sail. Windskater? Anyway I had to get out and take a few pics and videos. The next morning I was out with Bert trying to catch a great sunrise. Monday it rained all day and then Tuesday it snowed so perfect, safe ice is fleeting.

Me and Bert at sunrise

close up of the ice. some spots were clear black others had these patterns

Girls hockey game broke out

Wind Skater? not sure the correct term for a windsurfer on a board with skates.

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