BEACH etc - dec 2013

We recently completed our channel dredging. We do this twice a year to keep the flow in and out of our pond and marsh network as steady as possible. We also have a trench in the yacht basin east that requires maintenance dredging. The last time we did this it was slow and tedious because we tried various smaller equipment (skid steer loaders) to haul the spoils out to the beach. The thought was smaller might do less damage. We learned our lesson and rented a truck on tracks this year and it worked great. It handled being inside the marsh fine and did no more damage than the smaller pieces. See below for pictures on some of the work.
truck hauling sand spoils Island Home in the back ground

truck being loaded

experimented with loading directly with excavator then moved back to loader for better production

in the marsh or yacht basin east removing sand build up

loading truck

better perspective from landowners deck

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  1. Fantastic photos & great blog! Can't wait to see the course.