Winter's first snow

It was bound to happen. It is winter after all and it has been cold. Eventually one of the storms hitting New England was going to give us snow instead of rain. Of course I never said it had to last. We received about 2-3 inches starting around 1 PM. The new heater in the apartment stopped working so while the repair guy was making the trek down and up the stairs to his van for supplies and tools I kept the stairs swept off for safety. During one of these forays I noticed the snow had changed to a heavy wet "snowman" consistency. Feeling the childish impulse I decided to oblige myself (a rarity for anyone who knows me) and put a "Frosty" on the bench on the 10th tee. As I did this I could feel the precipitation changing to frozen grains. The heat was repaired and normal life resumed until the kitchen sink decided it would stop draining....

Why so glum chum? 

frozen grains on deck about 5 PM
Next morning no "Frosty"

Just another saturated winter day

And just like that it was all gone. My hope is the 1.03" and high temperature of 52 maybe broke the frost but based on the short walk to work I have my doubts. I will walk the course to check and more then likely close the greens once again. It is down to 42 already and night time temps are predicted for 20's so the cycle continues. Saturate - freeze -thaw- freeze. Fingers crossed for the hearty souls who are still playing but my gut tells me we are in for a mushy stretch which will require the greens to remain closed until they drain and firm up.

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