September at last. Careful what you wish for...

The last 24 hours finally felt as if we have made a turn in the weather. It has been one heck of a hot and dry summer. The showers yesterday were just perfect as soft gentle rain. We received .18" over a few hours. 5 more days of that and we will be in business. Add to that the nice cool temperatures of 64 this morning and we have ourselves some happy cool season turf. Sadly we cannot always get precipitation when and how we want it and the forecast for the weekend does not look great. I guess our streak of perfect golf weather may be over. If all we end up with during this hurricane season is rain I for one will be pleased. Wind an all that comes with it is never any fun. Besides who could hate a storm named Hermine? She was one of my favorite Harry Potter characters.

photo from Facebook

1st green Thursday afternoon

Interesting colored dragonfly
Salt damage on vegetation
The one good thing about heavy rains is the flushing aspect. The salt levels in our irrigation well have been very high lately as evidenced by the damage to the trees (see picture above). It builds up in the soils and wreaks havoc on grass roots as well. Hopefully any rain will help flush some of those salts away and we can begin our road to recovery in the areas most affected by the drought.

sunrise 1st Green

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