quick update

Well Hermine came and went. Lots of hype but we fared well. A lot of sticks and twigs but no major damage. We also received .68" of much needed rain. The course took the rain well and we were open for business. A few hearty souls took advantage before the full brunt of the storm came. The Labor Day Scramble was moved to the following Saturday so we delayed our greens aerification to Monday the 12th. The scramble was well attended and remains a popular event. The weather looks good for tomorrow when we will attempt to aerify and topdress greens, collars and maybe even approaches. There will be temporary greens all day. Thank-you for your cooperation.

some of the Hydrangea think it is still June

Hard to believe a storm that size could miss us but it did. We had serious winds all morning as it went through and the skies were dark but no rain to speak of and after it passed the sun came out the wind died and it hit 80 degrees. The low predicted for this evening is in the 50's however so Fall is coming.

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