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I started this post a few weeks ago and still never found the time, or interest I guess, to complete it. As a follow up to the last post outlining the drought we are in I will give a few more facts and figures. The first picture is one I saw on Twitter. The numbers are from June 1 to August 31 and were posted on 8/6, I believe. We have all seen some rain since then so the graph is not current but still relevant.

Our own number to compare with this graph is 5.94" The day after the last post (7/23) talking about the drought and posting our local records we received  3.19". See the radar of that storm below and notice the white dot amongst the purple cells. Red on the radar is scary enough. To have received only rain and not massive wind or lightning damage with purple and white is lucky indeed. The rain was a blessing but the numbers become skewed. Most of that type of rain simply runs off and its greatest benefit would be to fill a pond, if we had one. The point is prior to this storm we were at 2.75" compared to the 3.02" in the graph so our deficit is still quite real. The few rain events we received were helpful and the only reason we are not in the same drought category as Boston.

massive storm in july. we are just east of the white cell
irrigation leak on abandoned galvanized pipe attached to 1936 main line
All things considered the course and staff had held up well. We had a visit from President Obama, our first in a couple of years. He even played 18 holes, a first. The crowds are starting to dwindle much like the amount of daylight. We notice it since we start so early that what we were able to accomplish with good visibility just a few weeks ago are now being done in the dark. I assume cooler temperatures and lots of precipitation are also in our near future. Both will be a welcome change.

POTUS and Ray Allen. adding up the scores

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