It has been awhile....

When I thought about starting this blog I asked a few people what they thought. I remember one person telling me blogs need to be done often. People come to expect regular updates. OK I can do that. So for about three years I did a weekly post rarely missing a single one. Then I found myself in an episode of Groundhog Day. Literally taking a picture and typing a post only to find out I had already done that years before. I then heard comments such as I love your blog but you need to post more often. I realized that maybe people were not reading this weekly but monthly instead. I was starting to feel guilty that it has been a month since my last post and then someone commented they had just read my last post about the Thumper tree and even though they had played a few times they had not realized it was gone. This post is being written as we get some much needed rain Tuesday morning. The place was starting to look a bit more like The Open instead of the US Open.
some nice sunrises over Mink Meadows pond

reflections  look at the water line on rock. water table has dropped at least 8"

Very links looking

Murph staining decks

2x verticutting of greens

light sand topdressing of greens

repair coupling leaked and wore out pvc pipe. See pits and small hole next to brown ring

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