The Thumper Tree

Another memory of the early days at Mink. My first dog Thumper used to bark at the squirrels who lived in the tree near the 10th tees. Whether any of us ever saw one or not, he believed they were there and needed only the encouragement of "where's the squirrel?" and he was off and running. It became a favorite pastime from the porch for many, much to the behest of anyone trying to tee off. Well the Thumper tree and the dog are gone now but will forever be linked. Neither will be forgotten any time soon.
Oak on the left
Thumper always knew it was hollow and full of squirrels

View from deck with it down

Me an Thumps with his tree in the background
He loved barking at that tree

But he was truly a beach bum

Lived to dive for rocks
buried at the Linden tree on 2 tee

I noticed this from the road and was shocked since I moved the logs there and never saw it. Sure looks like a "T" to me:

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