Great Winter Weather

I saw a graphic on Twitter from the National Weather Service comparing the weather from Dec and now. The parallels were uncanny which did not need explaining to anyone here since we are living through this miserable weather. I cannot believe it has been 3 weeks since the last update. We have obviously been busy prepping the course for the season. Lots of irrigation repairs, a bit of tree work, we even managed a deep tine aerification on the greens. It continues to be cold and rainy. Since March 1st we have received 11.44" with 1.83" in the last 5 days alone. The course has taken it and remains quite playable. The leaves are starting to pop on the trees and more golfers are appearing every week. Some of the highlights from the last 3 weeks are below:

Fairway Fred Pekari turned 80 so we threw him a party

aerified shallow pipe the installers laid on a boulder

more shallow pipe they pulled over a pile of rocks

watering in topdressing after aerifying. Only did it once then it rained every day since
one of many dead oaks Will cut down

tournament Sunday had an amazing sunrise

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