Busy week

We finally managed to get the water fully operational. Two bad clocks, a bad feed line from pressure maintenance well, and two aerified galvanized pipes later we are up. There is still an aerified plastic line and a short list of other issues but at least those can be isolated and resolved over time. This week was also the main return of our stalwart octogenarians Fred and Otis. We had a lot going on with contractors on property as well: digging the beach channel, tearing down a house, servicing the pump station, Mass Audubon checking for plovers and terns as well as the rest of our daily duties.

Fairway Fred on Greens?

Bert inspecting beach cut

old Fulton house is no longer
And don't forget about the golf Rounds auction TEE UP NE There are too many great deal going on all over NE to list them all. CT, ME & VT have never had a ton of bidders for some reason. My short list of massive bargains at Friday's bids in 1 min of looking are: Black Hall Club played nine there last summer and it was awesome and they have an osprey for a logo so what more can I say?, Pine Orchard Yacht & CC, Mink at $115 seriously?, Milton Hoosic in Canton is another 9 hole gem, Longwood Cricket Club is a special place for all you tennis players. The trophy cases alone would be worth the trip for all the history and lastly South Shore CC in Hingham is the same architect as here and it is a wonderful piece of property and course. Remember you have to read the info on each course but most if not all are for a foursome with carts so a $400 bid is only $100 per player and that is cheap for some of these courses you cannot get on.

Thanks for your supporting turf research.

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