Comcast-NStar conduit and a blizzard warning/watch

There was an article in last week's paper about the new conduit going in so that NStar can run another power cable to Martha's Vineyard. The wife of the original owner of Mink Meadows, Doris Bigelow, fought the power company to ensure the lines did not run through the course as was originally proposed. It is however close with the main station right on golf club road and the cable coming into west chop. The scope of this work is impressive and the pictures I have taken will not do it justice but they have signs posted everywhere not to enter so you cannot get too close. Suffice to say this is not one or two pieces of equipment.
constructed access road looking towards Vineyard Sound a few weeks ago

same road you can now see water

matting they laid to work off 

men at work on staged mat area view from an abutting house

PR signs on all sides

view from the beach
improved existing road and staging area right off golf club road
 The above staging area is roughly the size of our parking lot and they have filled it to the max with 18 wheeler trailers and various large equipment from pumps to lights so they can work in the dark. The link to the MV Times article is HERE in case you missed it.
The Topsy Turvy weather pattern continues and we head back down the low temp and snow route once again. A Blizzard watch/warning has been issued until 1 pm Wed Jan 22, 2014. The Steamship Authority actually sent out an email yesterday warning people of potential service disruption. Nstar sent out their pre-storm message a few minutes ago. The current temperature is 23 degrees and has been that way since 6 am so no chance this is a rain event. The pictures below are the forecasts and screen captures from my phone:
just another foot of snow for this winter

our turn The mountains have had their share
From Twitter Lets hope it does not get any colder
Will update later as the storm subsides. I may tweet a few pictures as they occur so check out my Twitter feed @22crowther

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