January Thaw

The weather this week has been outstanding. A couple in the 50's even. That may not sound very appealing to those of you in warmer climates enjoying 80's but after single digits it feels like 80's. We will be dropping steadily over the weekend and back to harsh winter temps next week. We took advantage and continued some course clean up with leaves and also the work we did around the parking lot. We dropped a couple of trees that were leaning and then brush cut the edges to reclaim as much room as we could. Chris changed cups and moved the tee markers. He is done painting the boat cleat markers also and we will eventually get them back out on the course. We had a few really good sunrises and sunsets this week as well. Enjoy the long weekend and the pictures
parking lot pond while frozen

Chris prepping and painting tee markers

Will and Chris cutting trees in p-lot

sunrise vineyard sound cell phone pic

Island Home my commute monday morning
From the "daily paper route" Vineyard Colors this was the boat I was on
Phone pic from West Chop flag pole
facebook pic from Nicole Friedler Brisson same day
And finally the movie above was sent to me by google who compiled it from pictures that end up in my google + folder. Kind of creepy that they do this without my knowledge but it was interesting to see the year in pictures.

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