Today is the longest day of the year. 5 pm and I am just sitting down to type this so it is starting to feel like it as well. It was an interesting week as we played catch up from skipping a mowing last week. The place just did not look right early on, but after a couple of mowings it really tightened up and looks sharp out there. Just in time as Summer officially begins. It must be true because last Sunday Cheryl and I went out for ice cream after golf and ran into some secret service, or private security detail for whom we did not know. That sure gave it the summer feel seeing guys with ear pieces trying to look "normal". It forced me into Midnight Farm since I had not been in that building since the Bunch of Grapes had the fire damage. It was very nice.

 That sure gave it the summer feel seeing guys with ear pieces trying to look "normal".

The course is playing well right now and I will actually water a few areas this evening. Seems weird to discuss irrigating. Hope the system is up to the task. We have not used it much this year. That means we have saved some money on electricity and hopefully will not have the salt water intrusion problem in our well to any large degree.
turkey hen and her babes

fairway sprinkler growing over from lack of use

think they missed this one back in May in the rough

rose bush on 4 ladies tee

turtle crossing 9 fwy heading back to pond
 The lack of irrigation use had a down side in that we almost lost a few heads to the grass growing over them even though we edged them all in early May. When we irrigate the water tends to spray the grass back and at least give us a fighting chance to stay ahead. I also noticed a couple people cheated on Tuesday when practicing on the range and did not use the mats. What makes it worse is they did not follow the prescribed method of taking divots and created a massive hole. This is the worst method as it takes the longest to repair, and is hard to repair because the mower falls into the hole and dislodges the seedlings. the pictures below show this:
We have a tiny range tee that is irons only for the most part so it is in your best interest to adopt the straight line divot method and observe the mats only day so that the seedlings have a chance to germinate. If the entire tee becomes used and is seeded we will be on mats until it has a chance to germinate. We seed it as often as we can, sometimes multiple times per day but practicing is becoming more popular every year. Just like water front property there is only so much and I cannot manufacture more. I wish I could give you a true practice facility but we are limited to the space we have. Until next time see you on the links.

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