In the Soup

We managed to dodge most of the thunderstorms that plagued NE this week, but today and for the next few days we may be in the soup with showers predicted. The course dried out quite a bit from a wet start. The weaker irrigation coverage, thatchy areas and the fescue showed the signs of sun and wind. Even the new tees let us know how the irrigation coverage is and it is a mixed bag. I adjusted a couple of sprinklers on 6 so hopefully that tee will be OK. We obviously need to irrigate the walking path there. The greens are very happy right now. We have dried them down and they are playing firm. The surrounds are showing some drought stress but that is to be expected where we do not have perimeter coverage. Lets hope the weather holds out for some good weekend golf.
Random pictures from the week:
Nice looking Buck, was very curious

Otis said there were 4 bucks running around on this morning

From twitter. worth repeating

this is actually on the practice green collar. not a good idea or technique

caught the three hens together, counted 18 chicks

rt side of nine
I spiked greens again today and also did the new tees. Hopefully that will help soften them up. They are hard as a rock. We solid tine aerified them last week but it did not seem to help much. If this spiking does not work I will try the larger spiker next. I plan to deep tine aerify them in September but would like to see them a bit easier now. We will keep up the fight until we get them where they should be.

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