Marching on and a positive note to all this rain

The calendar continues to roll on. It was freezing inside this morning so I closed the windows. Middle of June and it feels like March. I imagine soon we will be complaining about the heat. We certainly have not had a chance to acclimate to warmer weather. The island dodged most of the heavy rain this week. We are still soggy and closing to carts is forcing people to walk. This could be a good thing. Sort of a Mink Meadows exercise plan. To say it is getting depressing would not do it justice. But the staff is trying to muddle through and keep morale up. Our focus this week besides pumping puddles and doing regular mowing was to clean up a couple of areas around the course. We also spiked greens for the first time and top dressed them twice. The rain is washing in the top dressing nicely so there are positives to all this rain.
Native areas. picture for twitter post

Murph cleaning up left side of nine fwy

Ken Braun and his dad starting up Bioject

Chris spiking green

Will planting trees

new tree in border between range and 1 fwys

graduation week
 The removal of a few dead trees along side of one gave us the opportunity to remove some trees from Otis's house and plant them in their place. Hopefully they fair better than their predecessors. The Bioject was fired up and I began applying the bacteria to fairways to suppress  the dollar spot fungus. This will be our 16th year using this system instead of synthetic fungicides.
Some good reading about proper divot taking on practice tees can be seen HERE

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