Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

I cannot say enough good things about my staff. We may have dodged a bullet with the worst of the storm staying west and south but we still had winds of 70 mph and debris everywhere. In fact the way I hear it the thunderstorm the day after was as disruptive as the hurricane. It dumped more rain in a shorter time and had a lot of wind that brought more leaves and twigs down after the initial cleanup, kind of a one two punch. By the time I arrived back to the island Thursday evening and did my first loop of the property Friday morning you would be hard pressed to know we had a hurricane. It appeared to be business as usual with regular leaf cleanup and mowing. I caught up on some paperwork and other odds and ends from being away for a few days. According to the players here the course was back to normal by the end of each day. Good to hear and glad we missed the brunt of the storm. I am sure you have all seen the carnage on the news. We lost a few trees and most of those are in the woods. Our beach took a beating and we became the recipients of some dock debris that washed into our channel, not bad considering.
pond level very high

about 4-8 ft of erosion on rt side of picnic table

water came over side of jetty bringing sand and dock pieces

supposed to be a tee

front lawn

left of three green
left of 6 tees

color before I left

some nice color when I returned
Other parts of the island had storm surge damage and there was plenty of flooding. Hopefully you all were not in that company. they are predicting another nor easter this coming week so let's keep our fingers crossed.

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