The lost week

The above link really says it all. This does not have much to do with Mink Meadows and I have always tried to keep this blog professional but consider this professional development. In a nutshell the web based forum that i belong to and participate in has done a few trips to Ireland and this year they chose to go to Bandon Dunes. This golf resort is in Oregon; right on the coast between Eugene and Portland. It has (4) 18 hole courses and a 13 hole par three course. It has been beyond words at times, between the property it is on and the camaraderie. I will follow up with more later but the above link will give you an idea of the last week. My flight home has been cancelled. I was fortunate to be able to buy into a seminar being held here for the next day and a half instead of stuck in a hotel in portland. The itinerary made it hard to keep up with the storm but in the few conversations i have had with everyone all seems to be in order back home. I hope everyone is safe and will post any news i get here if i can.

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