Nor Easter aftermath

As you frequent readers of this blog know I was not here for the hurricane which swept through the east coast. I was on vacation playing a little "dream golf" in Oregon at Bandon Dunes. I posted a link to the organizers blog of the trip in the last post and in this weeks Blog Aggregator they highlighted Paul Carter, CGCS and his documentation of the week on his blog. You can check it out HERE it is somewhere in the middle of the posts. Anyway by many people's accounts who were here this latest storm was worse than the hurricane for us. The surf may not have been as high but it was very destructive.
The wind was definitely as strong and for a much larger duration. It started blowing early Wednesday morning and continued through early morning Friday. We had steady 25-35 mph winds with gusts as high as 70 mph. Boats were sporadic on wed shutting down for good by noon and none ran Thursday. I checked the roads early Thursday and they were drivable but covered in sticks and leaves. I went out to lake tashmoo opening and also the west chop pier by the flagpole which is where the above video was taken. The waves were at least 4-8 in height.
Westchop at the other pier by the light house
The course fared very well with only an odd branch coming down and lots of sticks, twigs and leaves covering certain areas. I snuck out Thursday afternoon and blew the roads to get a head start on the clean up. I took our one cart with a roof and windshield since it was still raining a bit. Problem with that was this one does not have lights and it gets dark quite early so most of my work was in the dark.
Will cleaning off 1st green
2nd tee

more branches off the sassafras trees out front

Kevin cleaning up lawns

branch on the side of 8 white tee
Otis went out on the rough mower for the first time this week to chop leaves and mow the rough so that will help clean things up and Fred is out mowing fairways for the only time this week also. So just another day in the life on a golf course after a storm. We will eventually get to making the bunkers free of debris and raking those as well as mowing greens. Good thing about this time of year is the growth rate slows down so it is not as critical to mow the grass and we can take our time and clean up the debris. There were still some puddles on the course this morning since we received 1.26" of rain during the storm.

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