Vineyard Summer

Whatever you use as a bench mark to call it summer: increased traffic, longer lines, daydreaming pedestrians, first trip to back door donuts, or simply the warm weather that makes you want to go to the beach; IT is here. I forgot to mention in my update last week that we had two days in the 90's. Today was cloudy and cool then the thunder storms drifted on past and the sun came out and it turned hot and humid reaching 86 and a dew point of 69. It all happens in the blink of an eye. Peaceful island, sweater weather and then mayhem and swealtering heat. The course is holding up ok. The greens and tees are performing just as I would like. The fairways and rough are showing signs of a poor irrigation system. Where the coverage is weak the turf is going dormant and even some areas that have sprinklers are going south as the salt water intrusion in our well is wreaking havoc on our soils and once it dries up like it did in the droughty spring it is impossible to re-wet it. Some spots in green fairway turf are hard as a rock, other spots just off the tee top are like dust just under the surface. We continue to fight the good fight but at some point only natural rains will make a difference. And once you are dry down deep a thunder storm does nothing but run off and collect in the low areas.
2 green poa vs bent

Rose bush behind 3 green

The member in my foursome of the member guest. rt thru the fescue

Bert sticking his nose out the gunwhale on the "Govenor"

this is the size of your arm and is poison ivy. no joke
Some ramblings from the course on the above pictures in order:
In the dew and light of early morning the second green showed the diference between annual blue grass "poa" and bentgrass. As little as three yrs ago this green was 95 % Poa so our regulation and now watering practices are working to give the bent a fighting chance. The rose bush that when we moved it from the 3rd ladies tee my life was threatened if it did not survive. Not sure if the internet makes it to the great beyond but Lois if you are reading this: it is doing well. Followed the other cart in my group to the 5th tee and this is where it goes. Needless to say he was told he would be duly chastized here for all to see. The only boat I enjoy riding outside right on the rail is the Govenor, and Bert was enjoying it also. Will has been busy brushcutting and pruning the road edges. No small feat with over 4 miles to do. This year he is getting aggressive on the poison ivy climbing the trees. Certainly the largest I have seen. The word ubiquitous does not do justice to the extent of poison ivy on MV.
the Big Guy coming up

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