Material Storage Area revisited

I looked through this weeks pictures and found no real theme but instead a random group of shots to cover many topics. the first I will share is an update on the materials storage area. I was walking with Bert the other day in this area and thought boy this really looks nice I should post some updated pics with a before and after theme. So here is a Link to one of many posts about the project.

During, prepped for concrete

current looking toward cart barn

after slab was poured from office window

current from office window
woods to the right of one

looking West

from the fairway
I have not heard an awful lot from people regarding the change of location for this material so my goal of having it blend in must be working. I said at the onset if everyone returned and didn't even notice than we landscaped it well. Poke around the archives and look at some of the pictures and you will see what a large transformation this area went through. 

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