NERTCS and Mink Update

Was a slow week at the course as Kevin and I were away for most of the week. Will has no problems staying busy however and tidied up the fence/gate issue and started forming up for concrete.
beginning of form construction for concrete pad

result of gate swap. this side now has a gap

with woods on the other side this was the solution
Our solution to the gap created in the gate swap, for the mat. storage area, was to mount a section of fence to the closed gate. From the outside it looks like a solid fence. One gate had a pin in a sleeve and for the other Will buried a post to keep it from swinging in the wind. Another fun event this week was a get together at Walt's house.
Fred Pekari provided the nights entertainment. Ellen dodged the camera

Walt, Will and Kevin
Kevin and I spent some time in Providence, RI attending the New England Regional Turfgrass Conference and Show (NERTCS). This was the 15th anniversary and is always a fun time. I covered the show in depth last year and you can visit the post here This year it was my turn to take pictures with the keynote speaker: former Boston Bruin and NHL Hall of Famer Raymond Bourque
Me telling Ray of the time I saw him play in Colorado for the Avalanche
When I was visiting my Sister-in law in Colorado we went to an Avalanche game. Their National Hockey League team for the non-hockey fans. Anyway We were able to get his autograph on Josh's ticket, he might have been 9 or 10 yrs old. It was a thrill and at the time I slipped Ray a business card inviting him to play. I told him this story and again delivered a card. He is an avid golfer playing 5-6 times a week at three courses on the north shore of Boston, as he told us in his address naming each of the Superintendent's. I heard he used to have a place on the Cape so he knows his way down, so if you see me acting like a school girl this summer fawning over a guest you will know the story even if you do not recognise the player. The show was not all fun and games and I had to sit through several talks and even a couple of 1/2 day seminars on Monday. It was an interesting show for me because this was the first one as a full Board member of the Foundation. Kind of neat to have a year's worth of meetings talking about the show and prepping and then seeing it happen. Being the 15th anniversary we wanted to make it special and recognise the many sponsors and vendors who have been at all 15. We were asked to hand deliver plaques to 4-5 booths and present them and thank them for their loyal support.
me presenting plaque to Fred Murray from Tom Irwin Co.

I was also asked at the last minute to moderate the last educational session when someone woke up with a fever. Always fun to stand up in front of hundreds of people and have to introduce people without messing up their name. This years test was Dr. John Inguagiato from Uconn. It is pronounced 'In gwee shato'. Needless to say I am sure I messed it up at least once and he made the mistake of telling me his friends or students call him "Johnny 5" so I had to call him that as well.
ice sculpture in trade show booth

ice sculpture at opening reception

Ray during the Q & A portion of keynote
A new fundraising initiative was kicked off this year called Tee Up New England. The premise is simple: clubs donate a round of golf to the foundation; we then take those rounds and set up a week long auction where YOU the golfers bid on them. The proceeds go to turf research. A perfect way to get the end user, the golfer, to pay for research to improve the conditions of the turf. Keep an eye out for more details as they come. The auction is the week after the Masters 4/9, I believe. The links are not yet in place but I will post about them here. I think this is a great idea and hopefully we get good participation from clubs all over NE. A unique opportunity to plan a golfing trip off-island!

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