Another Winter Week

Will has been making good progress on the preventative maintenance of the equipment fleet. Kevin and I kept ourselves busy puttering around the material storage area as well as course check, potholes on roads and deadheading hydrangeas. We again had some spectacular days with temps in the high 40's and even low 50's one day. Mike finished waxing the trucks during his work study hours as well as dragging goose excrement off the first fairway. They are still never being seen yet covering the fairways with droppings.

Rusty Hitchings with mock-ups for display frame angles

Model of Mink Meadows Association layout from the 60's
I inherited the storage of this diorama or model of the property. It is almost the size of a sheet of plywood and heavy. It has tremendous detail with every house location the proposed yacht basin all to scale with correct topography. It is actually pretty neat and gets many comments from people in my office. Bert jumped on the lexan dust cover one too many times and it collapsed. This prompted me to get it the hell out of my office and in a spot where people can enjoy it instead of collecting dust as it has in my office for over a decade. The best/only spot I could come up with was in the basement. So the picture above shows Rusty and I picking the angle to make the stand. This thing is over 40 yrs old and very fragile. Hanging vertical is not an option. We will attempt to get it cleaned up and secured and see how well it is received in the clubhouse.

Part of the "puttering' was to install the sections of fence removed last week
view from TMF yard. Fence used to be to the left of tree ending with a gate

view from tee side of closed gate with fence addition

back fill behind mat storage area to keep water out

close up of the back fill material

Kev compacting the relocated burm in the entrance/exit to TMF
I put Fred Pekari on the mat storage project. While drawing up yet another version so we could dial in the correct layout it occurred to me that a drafting table and the correct tools would make the job easier. As soon as I thought drafting table I remembered Fred still had one and spent his career as a draftsman in the airplane industry. I called him up and solicited his services. When he wraps up the plan we can set the forms and move this project forward. Who knew it would be so hard to lay out a simple material storage area? Sometimes it just doesn't pay to do everything yourself. Each time we discuss the area we think of some other facet that needs a solution. I guess that is a good thing and hopefully by the time we actually pour the concrete we will have thought of everything!!!

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