Material storage update

We have one more day until we pour the slab. Will wrapped up the forms today and I back filled them and spread a load of fill to bring up the yard and two bins not on top of 6 inches of concrete. Tomorrow I will spread the surface material and compact it. This should wrap up the prep work and make the area around the pad firmer and easier to walk and drive on after a rain event. We started the forms last week and thought we would be done but the Building inspector was not happy with the proximity to the road. So over the weekend I went back to the original layout and drew it to the scale Fred used 1/4" = 1' and squeezed the bins into the dimensions we have prepped. It shrunk a couple bins but I think will work in the end. It made the pad a rectangle instead of two intersecting squares so that should be an improvement.
latest and greatest. this one is 1/8" = 1' scale so it would fit 8x10 sheet

Last Friday with forms started in top corner
Will constructing the forms today

view from the side of the Winter tee
looks like a great bocce court

Ready for concrete

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