Material Storage week one wrap up

We managed to get the rough sub grade done today. Being Friday the 13th and only one incident we'll call it a success. The wind is picking up and the temp is dropping fast, so maybe it will be two and the boats will be cancelled. I have asked Keene's to come in at some point and roll this area with their 10 ton roller. That should compact it nicely. The one "incedent" is shown below:

why we remove the topsoil

Of the many trips onto the pad with this truck fully loaded I am surprised we did not get it stuck before today. All is well that ends well, it made me fix the entrance to this area. I took out two of our trucks of sugar sand and added rap so it is quite firm now. I added at least 3 loads of fill today and spread them to the level we need to have good surface drainage out of this area. Once we get it rolled we can start building our forms and pour the cement pad.

finished rough grade

finished rough grade. long week

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