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Easily could have been a washout with 1.26" of rain coming down today. Knowing it was coming I asked Steve Handy to come by with his excavator. He was able to stay out of the weather in the cab of his machine and pull the stumps in about an hour. It would have taken me most of the day with our bobcat and I would have been out in the weather. He also pulled down one more tree, stump and all. I used a chainsaw to cut it to length to fit in the truck. One load with his truck would have been several of ours, more time saved. While here I had him finish stripping and hauling the topsoil. Again quick work with larger machines.

view from my office window. notice stump tops just above fence
same view end of day
loading stumps that would have taxed our machine

full load

stripping topsoil. Pad is saturated showing the need to deal with water flow

end of day. Ready to add fill to get to rough grade
At the end of the day I had a meeting with John Keene. He owns the stump dump on the island, runs a excavation business as well as the materials business out of the pit. He is well versed in stockpiling materials and we also use him for deliveries so I wanted his opinion on the layout of the bins and accessibility of the area. It is critical to be able to drive large trucks in and out of this area. He agreed the guy wire on the pole at the entrance should be moved so we will have to see what Nstar has to say and charge for the service to do that work. He also suggested we heavily compact this area so the ground won't settle and crack the pad. We have tried to do that in layers but it might be worthwhile to hit it with a 10 ton roller to be safe.

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