Material Storage area update

Day three of steady work towards prepping the site. The novelty of running a bobcat is long gone! I feel like I have been put through a ringer by the end of the day. Climbing in and out of the thing 50-100 times a day is exercise alone, bouncing around and bouncing inside it when you hit a root or rock and you come to a sudden stop jars every part of your body. Anyway we managed to cut down another 5 trees. As Kevin was feeding me brush in the back of the dump he mouthed "we need a chipper"! After 16 years we were finally going to swing some capital monies to a used chipper. Alas we are using that money to fund this new material storage project. That is a bitter pill to swallow as we cut trees and cut the brush by hand to try and fit as much as we can into a load. Another 4 trucks today to Keene's pit. Towards the end of the day Steve Handy started bringing loads of fill to raise the level of the area, making up for the removed topsoil and getting us to the grade we need.
how we drop a tree that needs some help in direction
later in the day. notice the oak stump right in front of bobcat
the pile continues to grow

look on top as Bert plays "king of the mountain"
dumping fill

squeezing in new entrance. not sure the fence would survive many of these

pretty much the end of the day
As a side note to all this work: we have our winter goose problem. They have adapted to our schedule and come in at night. Once I heard them at midnight flying over. Bastards. Kevin Blew this fairway yesterday:

1 nights worth of goose activity

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