Material Storage Bin area prep cont.....

Day two consisted of a a couple more stumps being pulled. The pictures will show how large these pine stumps were. These were both flush cut to the surface. The one in the middle of the pad obviously on a slight bump of soil. As I removed the soil around it you could see it "growing" up out of the ground. I still had to dig around and cut the roots with the backhoe to get it out. One stump took up half the truck so again two was enough to fill it completely.

even out of the ground 4 feet it still had to be dug out

notice both stumps up out of their respective holes

1 stump in back of truck

We managed to get most of the topsoil removed and hauled farther down the right side of 1 where we stockpiled to use as a berm and back fill on the blocks. At least 20 dump trucks.

right side of 1. topsoil pile

The reason we are hauling this away is to get to a firm base that we can work with. You never pour concrete or create a road with topsoil as a base. This will hold more moisture and stay soft. It could cause the concrete to crack if it moves under the slab and ad a road base the heavy trucks would sink and rut up the yard and entrance road. So out it goes and we will bring fill back in to get to the grade we need. Tomorrow we will drop a few more trees, dig out those stumps and strip more topsoil. Thursday looks like rain but we will try to start adding the fill and see how it goes.

ready for fill on this section

quite the hole but progressing

"entrance" taking shape
We also made a dump run today. There was a bunch of scrap lumber piled up behind the gate just rotting away. We checked the entire yard and came up with a full dump truck to take to the transfer station. This will allow us to take the fence down and move the right hand gate. the 'entrance' pictures show the right hand gate and fence. We will move the fence towards the telephone pole expanding the yard to include the material storage area. This area behind the fence was someones dump as we pulled out old wire and guy wire and anchor. My guess is when this pole was replaced they scrapped the old stuff in the woods. remember the piece of telephone pole in the early pictures?

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