New Material Storage Area Prep

I mentioned in the previous post that we were going to move the material storage bins from the end of the first hole to the beginning of the first, essentially right behind the fuel storage. As a preview a picture of the old bins:

old bins to the left of the 2nd blue tee

We constantly have contamination issues when the tires spin as you scoop up a load of sand or whatever. We have tried many remedies but nothing has worked well. With this new move we will pour a concrete pad and place the blocks onto it. We will also expand the two bins on the right of the above picture so they can handle a large truck delivery. We will also add one additional bin. Hopefully the weather cooperates and if we get the site prepped we can pour the pad this week.

Lots of work: rocks and concrete to move, trees to cut, stumps to pull

Will taking care of several trees. Rocks & concrete gone

not all the trees to be removed are in good shape. lucky to get this one before it fell on someone
Me pulling the stumps with backhoe attachment on bobcat
Kevin with last of 4 trips to Keene's. Just 2 pine stumps filled this load
eventually the gate will move to the right towards tel. pole "before"
"during" Trees and stumps removed at the entrance
All in a days work. Tomorrow a few more trees and stumps and maybe even start dismantling the fence. the piles of soil and compost will be hauled away temporarily. Wednesday haul in some fill and level out to the grade we want, compact and build forms. Thursday or friday pour the slab. At least that's the plan right now.

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