Field Trip

The basic premise behind this adventure started with the need to replace the garage in a box or hoop house as we refer to it that came with the bobcat when we purchased it from the original owner. We found this extra storage to be quite valuable and it was nice to keep the bobcat under cover. The original fabric was in tough shape when we received it and the owner had a tarp over that to aid in water proofing. After a few years even the tarp was in tatters. I ordered one on-line and they wanted almost as much to ship it as the new one cost so I set up delivery to my house in sandwich to save money. Received an email a couple of days later that there was an issue with the order.  After two failed attempts to solve the issue I let the original order dissolve. I then looked up the manufacturer and discovered they were in Connecticut. During this entire episode I receive a call from an old employee, Simon Verbosek from Slovenia, telling me he is back in CT working at the same place he was when I hired him. He cannot get away to have Thanksgiving with us so it strikes me that we should drive to CT pick up the hoop house and visit with Simon. Upon further research I realize the pump station company we deal with that built  and maintain both of our stations is in the same general area. Add to this we can take the old sprayer off island and hook up with the vendor buying it and take delivery of a new greens brush. Sounds like a nice adventure right? Get the sprayer to, on and off the boat. Meet with the vendor to pick it up. Drive a few hundred miles, about15 min north of Hartford, pick up Simon and go south for an hour to get hoop house then reverse. Toss in lunch, a tour of the pump station company, what could possibly go wrong?

the day started off with a nice sunrise
The vendor was late. The plan was disintegrating before we even left woods hole. Oh I forgot to mention I took Bert and the bride's bicycle (which she likes to see how many times I will transfer between Sandwich and MV in one year) and the brush sticks above the bed cover so a stop on the cape is in order. Falling further behind we stop and unload the bike, brush and dog. I figured he would be happier in the house than driving all over New England with me and Kevin. Back on the road we hit very little traffic and reunite with Simon. Continue on to pick up the hoop house and then head back to grab lunch and get Simon to work.

back side of Shelter logic -displays of their shelters

Simon Verbosek off to the plant

Walgreens distribution plant. Gigantic building

pictures do not do this justice: over 25 miles of automated conveyor belts inside

Kevin and I then went to DAF Services our pump station company. You know people for years and you may see them on your course or even at trade shows but rarely do you get the chance to see their operation. My relationship with Dave Frechette and his company began in the early 90's when we put a new irrigation system and pump house in at my previous course. Two stations later at Mink and he is still the best in the business. His Service manager, Scott Christensen, kept our visit a secret so it was good to see the shock on every one's face "what are you doing here?" was a common phrase.

 from L-R: John Allen, David Frechette, Deborah Paulo

pump station being constructed inside DAF

Submersible skids for a pond location

 Interesting sights on the journey were all the damaged trees on the side of the highway from the massive October snowstorm. They were visible for miles. This tree damage was the main cause for the delays in power being restored. John told us it took him a day just to clear a path down his driveway. He was lucky getting power back in a few days. I think Deb was over a week. Amazing what a few hundred miles can mean in a storm. We received just another heavy rain storm and were out playing golf the next day. Our adventures over, I dropped Kevin off in Walpole and headed back to the Cape for the weekend. Will began assembling the hoop house Monday and wrapped it up for the most part today.

Will starting the assembly
Kevin and Will getting the skin on the frame "any time you're ready"

just the front and back left to put up

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