Aerifying update

Quick note to show the new brush in action. Kevin and I took a field trip Friday to pick up a new garage in a box, more on that day later. In the morning we drove the old sprayer down to the boat, don't tell Rodney our local constable, and took delivery on the other side of a new greens brush. The technology is no longer cutting edge but still being used in conjunction with power brushes as well. The main technology to which I refer is the placement of the brushes at angles. The old method was a rectangular aluminium frame with two parallel brushes. You could place a cinder block on top for down pressure and better performance. They also make brushes you mount to a mower to speed up the process and improve performance. I chose to add this brush to our arsenal.

Before brushing

after brushing

notice the sand being left in top of cup
 As I referenced in the last post sand likes to be dry. It was a great day today for December. High temp of 57. Many players in shirt sleeves some in shorts, but with a relative humidity of 90% and no wind or sun to speak of the dew never went away even after hosing. So our attempts to clean the greens up further failed. We brushed 9 and the practice green but the sand did not flow off the brush well and started to clog up the bristles. We will try again when the surface dries out. As the pictures above show it did move the sand around and help fill in the open holes. This should help smooth them out and a few rain events won't hurt either.

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