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It has been one year since I started this blog. It began as a vehicle to highlight some of the work we do to maintain the property of Mink Meadows. It has been interesting and mostly fun to try and come up with topics to discuss. Golf course maintenance can be very repetitive. We mow a lot of acres of grass and do it daily so because that is what you see mostly it is easy to assume that is all we do. Hopefully throughout this past year there have been enough varied topics to highlight some of the other work done to maintain the property. The hard part now will be not duplicating the same topics or at least to show them in a different light.

I want to share some of the stats that I can retrieve at any time on the traffic to the blog:
this is the 93rd post

Page views today                     
Page views yesterday               
Page views last month
Page views all time history      

Jan 5, 2011
136 Page views
Mar 25, 2011
85 Page views
Oct 12, 2011
70 Page views
Jan 20, 2011, 1 comment
58 Page views
Jan 19, 2011, 1 comment
22 Page views
Almost 5,000 page views in a year. I think that is pretty good considering I had no idea what to expect and wrote a lot of posts wondering if anyone was reading. I received a few comments throughout the summer referencing a recent post and that was encouraging. I continue to hear of a few that are checking in so the experiment was successful. How a post about root pruning became and remains the most popular is still a mystery.
Other data I can see is where the hits come from: mostly USA (3806) but also all over the world; 29 hits from Denmark, 84 from Russia! What type of browser and operating system, which referring sites such as and a host of others are directing people here. Search keywords that brought them to the blog such as "root pruning" 15 times or "lime or gypsum better for lawns" 10 times. Pretty cool stuff.

Recently I struggled with my latest newsletter article specifically because I was asked to write about the bunkers we rebuilt and to refer people here to see pictures. I did not want to duplicate the blog in the newsletter and risk turning readers away when they came here or versa visa. That gave me the focus of creativity for the newsletter article. The first one I wrote had some interesting insights to the bunker work and explained the traditional architect and builder process. It was rife with tangents and did not flow well. The second version, which I assume will make it to print, has the same basic premise of the creative side to restoring bunkers. An interesting thing happened, quite by mistake, as I was writing: I never mention specifically which bunkers. I realized this and thought "this might actually work to draw people to the blog". So for those who have read the blog posts about the bunkers already it is a twist on the project and for those that have not, you should be drawn here to at least find out which bunkers were done. You will have to let me know how the concept worked. My biggest fear was to regurgitate the same verbiage from the blog post in the newsletter. Easy to do when discussing the same project.
I have tried to highlight or at least include the staff as much as possible in the posts. After all the staff is doing all the work. You will occasionally see me in a post but that is only when one of us remembers to take that picture. I try to use visual images to stimulate topics. Often it works but I have kicked myself countless times for forgetting to take a picture which would have helped a post or inspired one. If anyone has a specific topic they would like to see discussed in detail please let me know.
Here's to a happy first birthday and an exciting second year!

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