Whirl wind week

Where do you start? We fertilized fairways on Thursday and had some minor issues. Friday the salesman comes out with his boss to look at the stuff and try to figure out if it is OK and if we are good with the spread rate. If it is too low you can get speckling and not the uniform growth desired. If too heavy again mottled appearance and possible burning. We fared OK and all should and appears to be well. On the way into town to grab some lunch with the boss's friend who happens to be with the Secret Service we encounter the motorcade and get ahead of it by a whisker:

motorcade coming into town

Told MMGC Member and local Tisbury bike patrolman Rodney Silvia I would make him famous

Motorcade blocking main Street as President Obama picks up a book or two in Bunch of Grapes
On Tuesday I headed up to Marlboro mass for a New England Regional Turfgrass Foundation board meeting. i am one of two reps for the Golf Course Superintendents Assoc of Cape Cod. After ten years on the board they just would not let me slip away. The NERTF is responsible for running a conference and show in Providence, RI every spring.  In 1996, the New England Regional Turfgrass Foundation was formed through the cooperation of the seven Golf Course Superintendent Associations within the New England Region, along with the New England Sports Turf Managers Association, and the Massachusetts Association of Lawn Care Professionals. Anyone who has travelled in the past week may have seen the new escorts:

I like it better when they man the guns!
On Wednesday we had an MMGC executive meeting to prepare for 2012 and then found out President Obama "might" play later in the day. A few last minute preparations like cup changing and mowing off the shufflers scuff marks and we were ready to go. He seemed pleased to be here and said "the greens were great". What more could you ask for? He was gracious shaking hands on the way out to play and also when he came in a and a few luckierones received an autograph.

Tsani our summer staffer from Bulgaria and Kevin's arm with Obama working the line

A couple of the typical off the shelf SUV's

President Obama signing autographs
Today was the ladies closing luncheon. Unfortunately we had to mow a few areas to stay ahead of the weather. Heavy rains predicted for tonite might shut us out and with more stuff predicted over the weekend we could not take the chance, sorry ladies. The rest of this week we will spend wrapping up hurricane preparations like fueling everything up, pushing back the dump to make way for any debris, clean gutters AGAIN, clean the road drains, etc

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