Turkey update

I posted earlier in the year about some of the wildlife here on property. We had two hens band together with 6-8 chicks or so and they were fixtures. The seemed to have gone away, at least I had not seen them for a couple weeks and now they seem to be back. Kevin had a feeling they were eating the seed in his divots on 7 tee. He could not figure out why the divots were not growing. Upon further inspection he realized there was no visible seed in them. He tried not to blame the ones filling the divots but turkeys eating the seed seemed a bit of a stretch until Will saw them first hand one day. Here they are on the 6th fairway and tall grass:

chicks getting big

maybe not as many as before but a decent flock

lets hope they do not eat the fertilizer we just applied and really get big!
There is not a lot we can do to keep birds and turkeys from eating divot seed. just one more hurdle for us to leap to make it to the finish line.

We received just about 2 inches of rain on Monday. The course took it well and actually perked up a bit. We are limping through on fairways and rough as the summer patch disease takes its toll and the stress of heavy play adds up. The greens are possibly the healthiest they have ever been this time of year and the tees are a mixed bag. Maybe a Presidential visit, our August charity tourney the Ken Williams, Ladies closing luncheon and it will be the Labor Day scramble before you know it. Here's to some nice weather for the next couple weeks as we make it to the clubhouse turn....

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