75th and the august slide

We had a great tourney and dinner afterwards. Everyone was amazed at how well the tourney went with 90 players on a nine-hole course. Just goes to show we all can play fast golf if we put our minds to it. The weather was perfect and I think the Dinner portion was a huge success. I would like to personally thank everyone who carpooled and made my job as parking engineer a lot easier. Rollie Savage did a great job organizing the party and I think I made him a little crazy since he had every detail planned out and whenever he would ask me about the parking I would say "sure have it all under control". When actually I had no idea where we would put the potential 120-170 cars. Many people doubled up or were dropped off. I stuffed as many as I could in the maint. area early and counted 19 before I teed off. This saved room for maybe a dozen spot in the lot for the dinner guests. Phase one of the overflow was utilized as a single row on the old 1st cart path, see picture below, and luckily we never had to implement phase two which was parking on the course itself.

cars parked on the old cart path right behind cart barn
Some of our last minute prep. for the tourney was to locate and mark the irrigation pipes that could be in harms way from tent spikes. This was done the old fashioned way using two wire flags and dousing. I taught Matt Lombard and Walt how the method works.

should have videoed this to give a better idea of dousing
We also had some green repair issues. One was a frustrated golfer, same one as last week? and one was self inflicted with our triplex greens roller.

yet another divot. this time 7 green
roller mishap similar to the PGA Championship issue on 17

pale yellow areas are summer patch soon to be brown

The sad news is that last week we talked of surviving member guest week and actually compared to now we were outstanding. As previously posted here we had a major dollar-spot outbreak on Monday and then summer patch started whacking some turf as well. So anywhere we do not use fungicides we are vulnerable and showing signs of stress. unfortunately for us that is most everywhere. Even our tees which we do spray are showing signs. The good news is that the greens are holding up nicely and actually putting great. we also have only a couple of weeks left before the weather should tun in our favor and hopefully we can start to turn the corner the other way.

9 approach showing fwy damage and weak rough

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