By the numbers- member guest recap

We survived member guest week, barely. The ladies was not an issue and the first day of the men's was fine but Sunday was not the nicest day to be outside. It could have been worse. So as a re-cap of what we did for prep and some of the weather totals:

Mike pruned the hedges behind the 8th tees

night shot of spraying fairways, notice foam marker drops on left side, below a video of night spraying

I decided to spray the gypsum application to flush the sodium build up in our soils on fairways Friday evening. I started around 5 pm, danced around a few groups early and then finished about 10 PM. Several miss-haps along the way: gas gauge broke and like an idiot I kept thinking i was fine until I ran out in third approach. It pays to know your neighbors and so a borrowed couple gallons of gas later I was back at it. Only to have the main switch, (which is a foot operated one much like the old high beam one on a car, remember those?) break so I was stuck using the individual boom switches to turn on and off. To say I cannot wait for the new sprayer to arrive would be the understatement of the century.
Mowing and rolling by the numbers:
Thur: mow
Fri: Mow and Roll
Sat: Mow and Roll in AM then again Mow and Roll before Tourney
Sun: Mow and Roll
Rain for the week:
Tue: .24"
Sat AM: .19"
Sun AM: .14" rest of day additional .95"
Mon afternoon .13"
So as you can see not hard to figure why we are squishy in spots. Carts are wreaking havoc as well as maint. equipment. I believe we would be worse off if not for the addition of the gypsum. The rain helped to flush the sodium deeper into the soil and we will benefit from it eventually. A little sun and wind and things should firm up soon. Some more interesting observations recently:

reason # 129 as to why green keepers hate trees: clogged gutters. we must clean then 5-8 times a year

yesterday was apparently perfect dollar spot fungus weather. it looked like snow there was so much mycelium

dew patterns on 6 where I skipped the gypsum application

Today was apparently perfect brown patch fungus weather, jeez we cannot get a break

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