Animal vandalism

not sure if is considered vandalism  but when you see this amount of damage on a green you have to wonder.

did I curse myself with the last post about divots and tire tracks? Didn't know deer read the blog!

not sure what the drag scrapes are about

in a few of these pics you can clearly see the hoof print of a white tail deer

We will repair these much like a ball mark. Pull the dent into the middle and knit the damage together. Happens two to three time a year. The next pic is a refresher about bug spray. was so distinctive I had to take a picture:

classic double foot print bug spray damage.

The next few pics are strange insects on course or mysterious turf calamities

on 7 green this morning. no idea what it is.

almost stepped on this guy as it crossed my entrance path to deck about 6" long

middle of 4 fwy. somebody spilled something? gas leaking from something?
the weather is cooperating this week with a shower Tuesday evening that dumped .24" in short order. No apparent damage from the lightning and a quick green up from all the free nitrogen. One of the phenomenon that happens in a lightning storm is the electrical charges actually convert the nitrogen in the air to a form that plants can take up. So between this and the flush of rain you often see a perk up after a storm. The cool night time temps are also a bonus this time of year. The ladies are playing their member guest as I write this and if we can keep the wildlife to a minimum we should get through the men's this weekend.

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