Ball marks

This time of year we are at critical mass. We have early tee times which force us to stay ahead of play and we are busy putting out a lot of players. We try to stay ahead of ball marks and some days are better than others. We sure could use the help of golfers. It is after all their responsibility to repair their ball mark. so these shots and videos may help educate some of you who may be repairing them wrong which adds to the problem.

Still amazes me that someone could leave these. Do they assume they will be gone the next time they play?

So hopefully you get the idea of the proper way to repair a ball mark. Popping up from underneath is not the preferred method. You often see the PGA Pros doing this but you have to understand they are simply looking to smooth the surface for their putt. The best long term solution is to bring in from the sides. The Pros are trying to make a living and are not necessarily concerned with the long term health of a putting green. If I was lining up a putt worth a few hundred thousand dollars I might not care if my ball mark was going to heal in one day or nine days either. Especially if in nine days I will be on another golf course. If you have any questions or want to see the technique in person flag one of us down and we would be happy to show you.

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