Irene update

We dodged a big one here for sure. many parts of New England were hit very hard by this storm. In comparison this was a major nusiance. We lost a couple of trees and a few large branches. Otherwise it was a lot of sticks and twigs as well as leaves everywhere. The boys did a great job getting greens, tees and approaches cleaned off so they could mow everything yesterday. We continued concentrating on green and tee surrounds so they could be mowed today. We will continue to chip away with the cleanup until it is all back to normal. This morning we tackled bunkers and put out our scheduled plant protectant spray on greens. We also watered last night as the storm only left us 0.2" of rain. At 80 degrees yesterday that rain is long gone with this low dew point. Perfect days with these cool nights it's too bad we have to spend so much time cleaning up instead of other projects but it could have been a lot worse!

clubhouse lawns

big oak limb rt of 8

downed pine tree rt side of 8

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