I have discussed the issues we are facing with what we refer to as clipping yield. When people ask me how often should i mow my lawn my answer is always often enough so the clippings do not make a mess. Easier said than done on several acres of rough or fairways. Most of the comments about our rough this year have been favorable. We changed our fertilizer program for this season. We are not adding a lot more overall but less applications and slightly more nitrogen for the same money. We also added a crabgrass preventative to one application. All this means is we have received more bang for our buck getting away from organic fertilizers. Some people have complained the rough is too difficult this year. It has added a nice challenge to the course. We are straight forward with no water hazards. The fescue has a certain challenge but is mostly on the outskirts. Most tees require little thought. You instantly grab driver and flail away. If superbly errant you will be punished but otherwise you chase it down and continue on. Now the rough not the "smooth" has a little teeth to it. If you find it overly difficult maybe try choosing another club off the tee to stay in the"fairway" and enjoy the shorter cut turf. I have found it interesting to hear the many favorable comments about the the added challenge the rough has presented. We have started mowing it a bit more often to ease the transition. I hope everyone enjoys the week leading into club championship.

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