Great band. Love Steve Winwood but the topic is not music. It is the traffic that wears out turf. We on the crew hate ropes, stakes anything that makes our jobs tougher. We constantly try to balance the aesthetics of the course and the probability that golfers will all go in the same place and wear out the grass. Case in point the picture above. We were busy today trying to find a broken irrigation wire on four fairway. In a lull Will takes the ropes down for Otis and Fred because he is a nice guy and we try to take care of our seniors when we can. Minutes later we see this golf cart right up next to the left of the third green. Suttle reminders like this keep us from removing all the ropes, stakes and signs. My old boss had a theory that there was something in golf shoes that turned everyone into dummies. Dr's , lawyers whatever all become blinded by the fever of chasing the little white ball and lose all common sense! Next time I see someone drag their pullcart up the third tee steps i'll take a pic and repost. My guess before the end of august. Sorry for any typo's and weird stuff on this post i did it from my phone for the first time....

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