Beach cut update for a "fan"

We have a yacht basin that has never seen a boat unless you count kayaks and canoes. It was never fully developed but remains an important feature to the health of our ecosystem. The flushing of this basin is critical in the fight against phragmites and maintaining a healthy water system. To that end we do studies to best figure out how to keep this channel open. We dredge twice a year and jump through more regulatory hoops to keep this and the next administration employed for decades. Anyway it can be the most frustrating thing because we are dealing with one of Nature's strongest forces: the Ocean. No matter how much we or the "experts" we hire think they know about the best way to do this work; in just a couple of storms we are slapped back to reality that if you fight Mother Nature you lose.

looking north out towards sound. channel barely open

west. straight down replenishment area. lots of erosion

looking west

inside jetties. large pile from last min opening barely there

looking into basin. channel still flowing but very shallow

close up of spoils or replenishment. almost all washed away

east side spoils almost gone

looking south into basin

Kevin  & Mike carying in some flotsam debris

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