Sprayer research

I was fortunate to be told I could purchase a new sprayer this late Spring. Unfortunately it was unexpected and I had not done a ton of research into exactly what I wanted. One of the few times I have been handcuffed by being on an island. I probably should have just taken an entire day and toured all around but I managed to combine the research with planned trips off-island, practical pig that's me!!! Anyway I called my vendors and received prices very early in the process. They also let me know where I could go to see one. From there I had a trip planned to New Bedford with my son Josh to see David Crosby and Graham Nash. We decided to "tour" the facilities at a course on the cape that just happened to take delivery of a brand new sprayer.

older model and issues they had with boom at first course I visited
One down three to go. On another rainy weekend I decided to spend some time with the bride in our house in Sandwich so I snuck out one early morning and drove almost to the end of the cape to check out another brand of sprayer (sorry no pictures). I had never been to this fairly new course and was treated to a drive around. On yet another trip to America for my niece's graduation and a tape delayed watching of the Bruins win the Cup I awoke at normal time with only 3.5 hrs of sleep and ventured to a course that had taken delivery of a third type of machine. No time for tours as we all had a boat to catch and work to be done so the race to Palmer ave ensued.

Chem Farm sprayer mounted on a John Deere Gator

We used to have an earlier version of this sprayer

Lastly, I swung over to Farm Neck down the street and looked at their brand new sprayer. Unfortunately I was unable to drive that one as it was half filled with chemical and hooked to a battery charger. Apparently they are having charging issues. Over $60k asking price and it is down in the shop. Yikes.

completely re-designed sprayer from Toro

covered rear boom

One round of golf, one course tour, three riding demos and four sprayers researched. All participants had good things to say about their respective sprayer. All have good and bad features. Similar in price depending on options and all quite good sprayers I am sure. I ordered the one I thought fit our needs the best and hope to have it in a month or so.

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