lost balls and speed of play

We fight hard to balance the aesthetics, playability and overall experience of playing at Mink Meadows. We do not have any water hazards and by most accounts are pretty wide open. I know of few players that think much about what club to hit off the tee. That says a lot about a fairly short course. The penalty's are so few that they simply get up and hit as far as they can. This year the fescue areas have come in thinker in a few spots (left of three, right of eight) and a few people are complaining. Those same people are the ones complaining about the mowed rough being too thick as well. For most they welcome the new challenges and are pleased to have a slightly different feel to the course. We are in the throws of Club Championship week with the ladies in the middle of their first round as I write this. In that vain I mowed a bit of the fescue on three since that hole is narrow to begin with. I also brush cut a few areas that collect errant balls on four.

looking back towards the 4th tees
The other reason to brush cut this area was to allow more air flow back into this shoot. The back tee was starting to feel like a tunnel and it was mostly pine saplings with a few oak. Neither of these would we want to see grow to full size trees. Even the trees we have on either side back there need a little pruning as they have encroached into the flight path of balls. judging by the amount of balls I found in some of these areas Iwould say we may speed up play by having them more open and accessible. I am sure someone will say we are making the place too easy but it is all a balancing act.

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