More signs of spring

Earlier in the week we had what is termed a killing frost. If you had any susceptible plants out that morning they would have perished for sure. It looked like an inch of snow fell it was so white. For some reason, guess is the water temps, we have more frosts in the spring than fall. Yesterday it was a heavy due instead and so Kevin and I went out and dragged the dew on fairways. An all too familiar site at MM where we pull a hose across the fairways and knock the dew off. This serves many functions: it speeds up the drying which: reduces active fungal growth, reduces the food source for fungus (guttation water), helps get a cleaner cut on mow days and also reduce clippings making a mess and in yesterdays case knock about some goose turds and other debris so the blower can move them.

tough to take a picture of "hosing" while doing it... you get the idea

Kev rolling greens with new/used triplex rollers

Another sure sign of spring is the arrival of our fertilizer. We set up plans in the fall based on the performance of the previous season and what the season brought us and work out pricing schemes and set the seasons worth of product to be delivered in the spring. Saves a lot of in-season headaches in dealing with the Steam Ship Authority. We have a fairly small building, one of the originals from the seventies, affectionately referred to as the seed or fertilizer barn where we doublestack, or even more, pallets of fertilizer in order to make it all fit. The bobcat has been awesome in this process as it fits inside unlike the backhoe we had before.

Kev and I loading up the fert. barn. I am hand stacking on top of a double pallet

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