Weekend adventures on Cape Cod

next is the removal of those awful shrubs...
As many of you know The Bride and I bought a house in Sandwich, MA on Cape Cod in the summer of 2009. We frequent it often in the Winter mostly on weekends. It is our first home and still exciting to have all the challenges of home ownership that come along with it. This past weekend was the replacement of our lamp post which cracked over the winter. Of course you cannot replace the post and lamp without doing the house light too! Interesting part was wiring in the lamp post light to a motion sensor. I usually save the wiring for Will or a professional. I gained some confidence early on in the house but then was squashed by a three-way stairs switch which I am still convinced is a touch of voodoo.

cement gave way this winter some time

The real reason to post about my weekend is a couple of quick pics of one of the conservation areas we discovered this winter. It is part of the Trustees of the Reservation properties that we pass every time we head through Mashpee to Sandwich. It is called Lowell-Holly. It has one of the Bald Eagle nesting pairs in Massachusetts, click on the link to check it out. On our very first walk through there this winter we caught a glimpse of him/her mostly over the frozen pond but still awesome. no such luck this weekend but still a fun adventure. The windward side of the pond looked like our beach at MM with waves and white caps. Bert did not care. the lee side was much calmer. And afterwards we went to Yarmouth, on rt 28 across from 'the Cove' a condo/timeshare, for lunch to a place we saw after the Irish parade a couple weekends ago called Timmy's Roast Beef. Crazy good. If you are looking for a little joint for an awesome take-out lunch this is your place.

Happy dog

another world when out of the wind

should be on Diners Drive-ins and Dives

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