Preventative Maintenance

As I mentioned in earlier posts the Mechanic's busy season is when the equipment is not being used. this down time allows for a preventive program to be done and also allows for any major overhaul to take place without affecting course operation. Will Warner came to us from an island landscaper where his passion lies in being outdoors and working with nature. He was a trained auto mechanic in CT working at a Cadillac dealership before moving to the island. I was able to convince him to be our mechanic knowing that he would be on the course a fair amount as well. This has worked out for many seasons as Will has become the third longest tenured employee.
Front end work on a maint cart
Will has to work on everything from a chainsaw up to the dump truck or bobcat. He also gets involved with many things in the clubhouse from a broken door knob to an ill tempered ice maker. His talents seem endless at times and he is an enormous asset.
PM on fleet carts

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