Frost layer

I checked a couple greens last night around 5pm. It is a highly scientific process where we take an 8.5 inch screwdriver and stick it into the ground. Actually then there are other indicators we use such as how moist the greens are. Whether they are firm or soft under foot and if we can bring water up by pressing down with our feet. All of this will tell us if the frost has left the ground and we can open the greens for play.

practice Putting Green

Showing the depth. Fingers on where screwdriver bottomed out approx. 4.5 inches

nine green. about 4 inches of penetration till we hit frost layer

low area of nine green in center. Obviously standing water
We received 2.01 inches of rain over the last day or so and the course took it very well. An indication that a lot of the frost is gone or going and the soil is draining. As of noon today the only greens that are frost free are 1,5 and 15. We are very close and should be back to fully open if we can stay above freezing for a little longer. Everyone's patience has been great. After a trip to northern New England and seeing first hand the magnitude of this Winter I was happy just to see the open ground again. Most places I visited had around three feet of snow/ice and the piles in parking lots were enormous.

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