Signs of Spring

Cannot be certain but am quite sure I saw a red-wing black bird on my feeder yesterday. Certainly a harbinger of spring. I have seen many robins about and this morning at 6am a morning dove was calling us to start the day. We often get some late season flurries but they do not last long. Calling for 1-3 inches today.

late season snow does not seem to slow them down a bit
On the human front the youngsters are starting to get anxious as well. Bert was barking at something last night around 6 pm so i walked onto the deck to see a big donut peel out in the parking lot. Only to have the young driver (a female no less) get out to take a picture of her handy work and then proceed to do another one right in front of me. I have to say I was appalled and impressed with her driving prowess.

Daytona 500 inspired?

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